Al-Futtaim Toyota, and Emirati pop art designer and entrepreneur, Fatma Mohammed Obaid AlMulla have partnered to celebrate local art and culture through the creation of a special edition 2021 Land Cruiser. Inspired inside and out by AlMulla’s unique style, the Land Cruiser art piece was exclusively showcased at this year’s Dubai Design Week in Dubai Design District (d3).

The collaboration was initiated by Al-Futtaim Toyota in an effort to empower women in the country and in particular Emirati women to celebrate their identity, while commemorating the Land Cruiser as an integral part of the Emirati heritage. Reflecting AlMulla’s personal style, lifestyle, and vision of a car designed for a strong and inspirational Emirati woman the Special Edition Land Cruiser is adorned with unique geometry shapes, as well as bold and vibrant patterns.

The special edition Land Cruiser art piece boasts vibrant colours with artistic flair throughout. From the outside, colourful flowery designs have been added on the wheel arches of the SUV. The interior cabin has been revamped to give the look and feel of an Emirati majlis yet showcasing the patterns and colours in a way that give it a modern touch. From multi-colour patterns on the leather seats to autographed floor mats, the driver and passenger will experience comfort as well as style.

Further accessories have also been installed such as a handmade artistic box for tissues, stylish cushions with matching design and a beautifully woven mat for outdoors such as camping or star watching from the heart of the Emirati desert.