As travel restrictions are easing up globally, it is the perfect time to look at your wanderlust list and tick off that much-needed wellness escape you’ve been longing for. Imagine a personalized detox journey with the most breathtaking view in picturesque Montreux, between the majestic Swiss Alps and the pristine shores of Lake Geneva. We all need a retreat after a challenging year, and Clinique La Prairie is just the place for you.

The luxury spa and wellness destination provides a holistic plan that incorporates key elements to enhance longevity and mental serenity. The clinic prides itself on 4 essential ‘pillar’ philosophies for longevity: medical care, nutrition, movement and wellbeing.

Medical Insight & Care

This is a treasure chest of knowledge containing the know-how of more than 50 doctors who work at Clinique La Prairie and years of research by world-leading scientists. The medical pillar is dedicated to longevity through legitimate science

Many of us feel restless and exhausted, all the while not knowing that our immune system needs a reboot. Supervised by medical specialists, Clinique La Prairie programs tailor to individual needs based on sophisticated screenings and tests performed at the beginning of guests’ stays.


Diet is vital to our health and wellbeing – we are what we eat. This philosophy makes nutritional changes that improve body function and slows down the process of ageing. This in turn supports a healthy immune system and improves metabolic flexibility.

The Nutrition pillar is based on an evidence-based approach that provides comprehensive diet changes to decrease the inflammatory processes by reducing oxidative stress, improving metabolic function and restoring a healthy gut microbiota.


The best way towards longevity is to move your body. The Movement pillar is based on highly personalized physical coaching that focuses on flexibility, posture, coordination, stability, strength and endurance.

Experts tailor the activities to your physical level and needs, setting a program that gradually pushes you to your peak fitness while measuring progress. It can help improve tissue oxygenation, support the regeneration of telomeres, lower stress levels and increase cognitive and mental capacities. Gaining muscle mass and losing fat, along with an increased metabolism, contributes to reducing inflammation.


As the saying goes, ‘healthy body, healthy mind’ – a true statement towards positivity and well-being we all live by.  Clinique La Prairie believes that our mental wellbeing is intrinsically linked to our physical health. With uplifting mind-body practices, therapies and technologies, this approach is fundamental in restoring the equilibrium between brain, body, skin and microbiota and helps reduce stress and contribute to rewrite epigenetic markers.

Address: Rue du Lac 142, 1815 Clarens, Montreux, Switzerlan