Having a trip to remember is beyond packing a bag and travelling to a new place, it is more about soaking in history, art, culture and the local lifestyle, and experiencing the true taste of what it means to be a world citizen for a short period of time. Majestic Hotel & Spa Barcelona invites guests to try some of the most exhilarating custom-made experiences, carefully designed by the concierge and guest relations team to provide an enjoyable and rich journey through Barcelona’s most attractive cultural flavours.

You can take sail from Barcelona’s Port Bell in a charming sailboat, taking you though the Mediterranean Sea for a spectacular view of the city to Alta Alella vineyards in the Maresme region, where you can stroll among vineyards at an altitude of between 100 and 250 meters above sea level, the flourishing nature helps you connect with your surroundings, breathing fresh air and soaking up the gentle sun. To complete your experience, enjoy an authentic Catalonian meal prepared by a private chef.

If you enjoy the rush of speed, you  can choose from a collection of fast cars including Audi, Ferrari, Porsche and Lamborghini, which will be waiting for you  at the entrance of the hotel  to drive towards the private circuit, passing through the mountain region of Montserrat.

Barcelona is a standing art masterpiece, from its European gothic architecture and art, you will dive into the core of some of the most amazing places and houses, including Casa de Medellin, the former residence of the industrial chocolatier Antonia Medellin, designed by Josep Puchi Cadafalch, a contemporary of Antoni Gaudí. You can enjoy a special tour as well of the Casa Rocamora, which was the residence of Manuel Rocamora Vidal, a well-known collector of alcora ceramics, and antique attires with a collection of more than 4000 pieces, forming today the textile and costume museum of Barcelona.

You can become a master chocolatier for a day with this gourmand experience, taking you to some of Barcelona’s oldest chocolate shops and new ones, where you can learn the secrets of the trade, exploring centuries of chocolate traditions and delicate recipes. Make sure to enjoy a cup of hot chocolate made the Catalan way.