The creations of the new Spring-Summer 2021 Lifestyle Collection, immersed in the picturesque landscape of Matera, serve as an elegant backdrop for our everyday life, made of precious simplicity, spontaneous gestures and special – often unexpected – moments.


Conviviality is an art form to pass down to future generations. The context where we share our emotions is crucial and plays a key role. The kitchen, a lavishly laden table and the accessories that accompany our daily lives hold special memories to cherish over time.

Photo by Brunello Cucinelli


The new collection, inspired by authentic and simple values, introduces a Gardening offer. The creations express a concept of well-being that celebrates nature and reminds us that taking care of the land and of plants also means taking care of our soul.

Photo by Brunello Cucinelli


The colors of the materials recall the nuances of nature – from its subtlest tones to the most intense ones – and their soft textures are soothing and relaxing, inviting us to embrace a new idea of comfort. Refined decorative elements, which stem from skillful manufacturing techniques, define the notion of space, creating a cozy and intimate atmosphere.

Photo by Brunello Cucinelli