Following the successful launch of ‘Cold’ and ‘Walking in Circles’, Dubai based Singer/ Songwriter Leah jumped back into the studio and is now dropping another single called ‘Nostalgic’.

Launching  on all leading streaming platforms, the song explores a different tune from her other singles – and is more upbeat and fuller of energy. Produced by Reuel and Joash Benedict, musically, this single makes your body without you realizing it wanted to move in the first place, yet lyrically, it carries a deep meaning, which is very Leah-esque of the emotionally mature artist. The young creative worked closely with the surrealist fashion photographer, Abdulla ElMaz, to visualize the essence of ‘Nostalgic’.

Photo by Leah

Leah discovered her passion for songwriting extremely young and began writing complete songs at 11 years old. By the age of 13, the fearless musician had released her first single ’Cold’, and then ‘Walking in Circles’a couple years later. Last year, Leah went on to win the Emirates Woman of The Year Awards in their ‘Young Talent’ category.