In 2021, be ready to experience your wildest and most instinctive self, because free is more than a state of mind. It’s a thrilling, subversive way of being strong. Playing by your own rules. Because you do you. In LIBRE EAU DE PARFUM INTENSE, the masterful duo turns up the heat, unleashing their creation’s fiercely sensual nature, with a magnetic scent captured in heart of the jungle: the flamboyant Orchid accord.

Like an intriguingly exotic bloom  pinned  on  a  sleekly  tailored tuxedo, accenting the femininity of the woman who wears it, the Orchid sets LIBRE’s glowing floral core ablaze.

Photo by YSL

Described by the perfumers as “floral, creamy, vanillic and spicy with a slight smokiness”, the captivating sensual fragrance of the Orchid burns through the melting floral heart of LIBRE INTENSE, matching the honeyed facets of the burning orange blossom with the perfume’s smooth vanilla and glowing amber accord, built around a classic ambergris note, Grisalva.