Cher rose to fame in her early 20s when her song I Got You Babe topped the global charts. But the star has not slowed down. Tickets for her solo shows worldwide have sold out at record time and she has racked up millions of record sales. At 75, Cher still retains the same frenzied energy she had over 50 years ago. Her glamorous live show persona has not changed either: she still sports the same iconic outfit of skintight leotard, see-through lace and stiletto heels. The way she moves on stage, showing off her beautiful physique, prompts many to ask, “How does she do it?”

Well, we’ve explored the singer’s numerous interviews to find out all the secrets of her diet and fitness regime.

Makes a very difficult fitness programme

On January 18, the star tweeted out her schedule, saying, “Just got home from doing abs, zumba, yoga and I did the ‘chair’ exercise. The singer added that she has a “step class” planned for the next day.

Goes to the gym five times a week

Wearing 15cm high heels is difficult enough in everyday life, but imagine walking around a giant stage, singing and dancing in them when you are 75 years old. Though Cher makes it seem easy to stay in shape, she works hard to stay slim. The singer works out with a trainer five days a week and he doesn’t “discount age”.

In 1991, the singer released a book dedicated to her diet and exercise. “I totally worked out at the gym to have that body. It’s not that I have some amazing secret that no one else has.” However, Cher also finds time for non-trivial workouts such as surfing (she got on a board at 60), Nordic walking and even virtual reality tennis.

“I’ve been exercising all my life because I don’t feel like myself if I’m not doing it. I enjoy it, I invite all my friends and we go to the gym and work out to my videos,” the star confessed to British Vogue.

Sticks to a plant-based, dairy-free diet

No fatty bacon or burgers are part of Cher’s diet. The Grammy winner does not eat ham and red meat. In her book, the star details her strict low-fat diet. “I try to avoid high-fat foods because they make me sluggish and add extra pounds. Instead of whole milk, I have switched to skim milk. I have also given up cheese, which is one of the most unhealthy foods for the body. It is not digestible and most cheeses are too fatty”.

She doesn’t smoke and avoids alcohol

In addition to increasing her risk of developing various types of cancer, smoking also causes heart disease and weight gain. Luckily, Cher has kicked the addiction.

“Being healthy has always been part of my life, but I did smoke at one time. As for alcohol, I might have a drink three or four times a year,” she told to Closer in 2013.