Jason and Rosie met in 2010 at the Coachella music festival. They started dating almost immediately. “It was instant chemistry,” said Huntington-Whiteley, who hadn’t been in a serious relationship before. Statham, on the other hand, had a seven-year relationship with model Kelly Brook, then singer Sophie Monk and model Alex Zosman.

Unlike many other celebrity couples, Jason and Rosie kept their relationship carefully hidden and were in no hurry to announce their feelings to the public. However, as it usually happens, the ubiquitous paparazzi caught the lovers on the streets of Los Angeles. So the secret came out almost six months later, and they appeared together on the red carpet. Six months after their first meeting, the lovers began to live together. The couple bought a $13 million, five-bedroom Beverly Hills mansion.

Jason admitted that he first fell in love at age 42. Rosie, who is 20 years younger than the actor, charmed him with her intelligence and determination.

As the model confessed in an interview, she was drawn to her chosen one  by his incredible sense of humour: “When a man knows how to make you laugh at the right moment, your world changes. I also always feel supported by him. Jason and I are best friends. With him, I feel like I’ve never had a real boyfriend before.”

A year after meeting Statham, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley was offered a role in the movie “Transformers 3”. The model, who had no on-screen experience, then turned to her boyfriend for help.

“Jason is very supportive, we don’t talk much about work, but a couple of times he really helped me, – Rosie confessed in an interview. – When I came back from filming covered in bruises he was filming in Australia and when he found this out he sent me some of the protection he uses in dangerous stunts. The one I was offered was huge, heavy, and a complete inappropriate match for my tight clothes, Jason’s experience saved me, his protection was thin, gel-like, and virtually invisible.”

Statham proposed to Huntington-Whiteley in January 2016. On the Golden Globes red carpet, Rosie showed off a luxurious five-carat diamond engagement ring for $350,000.

In February 2017, the British model shared a beach photo on instagram and announced she was pregnant. On 24 June 2017, Rosie and Jason had their son Jack Oscar.

Despite being engaged for more than five years, the lovers seem to be in no rush to get married. “I think the time will come. We’ve been focused on our work for so long, then Jack was born. We’re looking forward to the time, but it’s not a priority for us, we’re happy as it is. I think it will be more fun to do it when the baby is a little older and able to be part of the wedding,” the model told to Extra in October 2018.

Rosie admits her lover is an amazing dad: “He can easily get up at five in the morning and do his daddy duty, thereby letting me sleep an extra hour. He is very practical. He’s a great dad, I’m very lucky to have such a partner. Jason always plays the tough guy on the big screen, but when he’s at home, he shows a different side of himself.”

According to the star, her life has changed drastically with the birth of her firstborn – the model barely has time for herself: “Being a young mum is a challenge. When I have an extra five minutes I hardly ever manage to put on make-up and I can just about get my hair done with a sloppy bob.”

The couple reckons that the secret to their strong union is that it’s always personal because family is the most precious thing in the world. Although the couple is incredibly secretive, one thing we know for sure is that their relationship is built on mutual respect, admiration and fun. As Jason once humorously told Esquire, they don’t take themselves too seriously and are always ready for a laugh.

 In August 2021, it was revealed that the couple was expecting their second child.