Elizabeth II, Britain’s reigning queen for more than 70 years, met Rear Admiral James MacLeod and Major General Eldon Millar on 16 February. The former has resigned as Defence Secretary, the latter has accepted the high office.
The 95-year-old queen hosted the military at Windsor Castle. A video of the meeting surfaced online, during which the Queen, wearing a floral print dress, could hardly move. When asked by MacLeod and Millar how she was feeling, she replied honestly: “As you can see, I can’t move.”

Queen Elizabeth II with Rear Admiral James MacLeod and Major General Eldon Millar

Her Majesty, leaning on a cane, really couldn’t take a couple of steps towards the minister.

The state of Elizabeth II’s health has been of serious concern to her subjects for months. In October last year, during a service celebrating the centenary of the Royal British Legion at Westminster Abbey, Her Majesty appeared in public for the first time in 17 years, leaning on a cane. At the time, journalists speculated that the leg problems were due to a long-standing injury – Elizabeth underwent knee surgery in 2003. But now the press is saying the Queen is having trouble moving around due to “age-related changes”.
Last week it was revealed that Elizabeth’s son, heir to the throne Prince Charles, had been re-infected with the coronavirus. And on Monday, the royal press office confirmed that Charles’ wife Camilla had also been tested positive for COVID-19. As both had recent contact with Elizabeth, UK subjects and local media have been expressing concern about Her Majesty’s health all along.

Her Majesty Elizabeth II

Photo: Instagram, gettyimages.com