Dolce&Gabbana presents a new futuristic vision. Sicily and the iconic black color are reinterpreted in the digital cyber world of the meta universe, as if in a video game with new heroines that reinterpret the concept of DNA 3.0. The main characteristic of this heroine is sensuality.

 The evolution is expressed in the choice and use of fabrics, modern and technical materials that remind us of the meta-world. Rainbow surfaces, crocodile prints, shiny materials with eco fur, laminated, a new type of knitwear, nylon are all examples of materials taken to extremes in terms of image.

 Proportions, volumes and lines are extremely important in the show. A new sculptural and geometric silhouette, where everything is reinforced; the lines of the inverted triangle, the classic iconic jackets that become oversized and reinterpreted based on technical materials, enriched with new volumes and wide padded shoulders, for an indefinitely masculine style.

 A woman who has a clear attitude toward unusual color combinations, preferring black and totally red, metallic colors and strong, bold hues chosen to enhance her look and personality.

 Corsetry is repurposed into black and white trompe l’oeil T-shirts; the look is complemented by logoed nylon or eco-fur coats with cyanotic color combinations that convey the virtual atmosphere characteristic of video games.

 Taking inspiration from the cyber world, the meta universe and the future, Stefano and Domenico develop their fashion with a completely original vision, revisiting 80s styles in a new combination, pushing Dolce&Gabbana’s image to a more dynamic and modern perception.