Roman Abramovich’s statement appeared on the website of Chelsea. He outlined the fate of the football club. “As I stated earlier, I have always made decisions in the interests of the club. In this situation, I have decided to sell the club, as I believe that it is in the interests of the club, fans, employees, sponsors and partners,” – said Roman. Abramovich also asked his team to create a charitable foundation, which will receive the proceeds from the sale. The fund will be used to help all those affected by the war in Ukraine (the deal is estimated at four billion dollars). “This will include providing the necessary funds for the urgent needs of the victims and long-term reconstruction work,” the billionaire said.

Abramovich notes that this project has never been a business for him, and parting with Chelsea, he will not demand repayment of loans previously issued by him.

Roman Abramovich expressed his hope that he would be able to visit the Bridge one last time to say goodbye to everyone in person.

“I am happy to have been part of Chelsea and proud of all our achievements. Chelsea and its fans will always be in my heart…” – ended Roman his message.