The journalist and editor-in-chief of Dubai People magazine shared with his followers in his Instagram
The Real Wolf of Wall Street: “I spend about $5 million a year on myself.”
Business trainer Jordan Belford, represented by Leonardo DiCaprio on screen, revealed where he keeps his accumulated fortune.

“I love the luxurious lifestyle, mansions around the world, private jets, yachts, other trappings of a wealthy life. And to maintain all this costs, of course, a lot of money. – Belfort shared with Dubai People magazine. – Now I have a much simpler attitude to it. At the moment I keep 60% of the funds in cryptocurrency, 10% invested in real estate and 25% – in cash. I only spend about $5 million annually on my own expenses.”

According to Igor Sergeev, Jordan now often speaks at business events and gives speeches. At the Abu Dhabi event, he was the headliner and drew thousands of people to his speech.
He’s still in Dubai and does a lot of speaking shows.