Persona Image Lab Dubai opened its doors 3 years ago. The grand opening of the Persona Image Lab took place on 17 October 2019, and was attended by all those who made the idea a reality from start to finish.

Persona is not just a beauty salon in the usual sense of the word. It is a creative laboratory of beauty, style and image, based on the quintessence of experience, knowledge, creative ideas and, as a consequence, an excellent result.

The founders of the beauty salon say: “The concept of Persona Image Lab is unique in that it deals with the whole image of a person, an idea that we have chosen to bring to the Persona Image Lab Dubai.

In addition to the traditional salon services which we provide at the highest professional level, we create a new and irresistible style for each client that suits their needs and moods. The Image Lab staff, led by an art director, advise and guide clients in choosing a style that suits their anatomy, clothing style or even their line of work.

The staff at the Image Lab Persona is the backbone of the salon. It is very important to us that they are very creative on the one hand and, on the other hand, technically and technologically trained professionals. Highly qualified, very precise, able to work with the latest techniques of haircuts, colouring and make-up. Our specialists have extensive experience in the beauty industry, with in-depth knowledge obtained at the most prestigious schools of international renown.”

Persona Image Lab Dubai would like to share great news with you!

Very soon everyone’s favourite Persona Image Lab will open a new beauty space. As the founders of the salon say, they have been choosing a place for a long time and decided that the best location is the one they have now. People know and love the place, but at the moment the team cannot cope with the flow of clients. It had become very difficult to make an appointment, to find a convenient time to visit their favourite master.  Then the founders came up with the genius idea to expand the existing space. So, very soon, the salon will increase more than 2 times.

The number of specialists will increase. They have already undergone a competition and are ready to start work.  The number of services will also be expanded. Hair extensions, apparatus body treatments, expanded range of body shaping programmes, more places for manicure and pedicure. Persona Image Lab will also offer training courses, and of course, there will be a huge range of professional cosmetics to choose from!

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