On 10th May, Business center Rich Man House hosted the Ukrainian business council. More than eighty registrants and some fifty entrepreneurs, who are already doing or planning to do business in the United Arab Emirates and are Ukrainian citizens, gathered to share their experiences and support each other.

Cooperation for Globalisation – this was the motto of the meeting, which aimed at helping Ukrainian companies to enter the market or start a business here.

Speakers included the following experts and practitioners:

 – Olena Shirokova – Deputy Chairman of Trade and Investment Commission of International Chamber of Commerce in the UAE, legal counsel of Araa Group Advocates & Legal Consultants, member of UAE Ukrainian Business Council, member of Chartered Institute of Arbitrators;

– Igor Sergeev – influencer, investor, founder of Papa Group, Editor-in-Chief of Dubai People magazine and WOW magazine;

– Daryna Mayorova – entrepreneur with a business in Ukraine and the UAE, an international business franchise for children. Ambassador of UWILL International Women’s Club in the UAE.

 – Nick Doroshenko – President of the Ukrainian Business Council, Partner of VisEngine LTD, CharterClick LLC;

 – Violetta Loziuk – entrepreneur and co-owner of Sangallo decor, PhD, certified consultant.

Igor Sergeev, Olena Shirokova, Daryna Mayorova, Nick Doroshenko, Violetta Loziuk

During his speech, Igor Sergeev invited Irina Gorovaya to the stage and they also discussed personal and company brand development. Irina Gorovaya is the co-founder of Mozgi Entertainment.

Irina Gorovaya, Igor Sergeev

During the discussion they touched upon practical issues:

 – Features of PR in the UAE.  Stages of PR strategy.  How to promote yourself in the UAE.

 – Basics and nuances of entering UAE and Middle East market. What you need to be prepared for. State and non-state tenders.

 – Financial planning for entering the UAE market.

 – Investment opportunities for start-up and scale-up.

The event concluded with an active networking session. Entrepreneurs interacted with each other and with experts. We are confident that the support of the community will help open up the UAE market for Ukrainian entrepreneurs.