In an effort to support employees’ mental wellbeing, Rixos Premium Dubai has organised several workshops and events throughout May, which is recognised internationally as Mental Health Awareness Month. Rixos Premium Dubai underscores its commitment to employee wellbeing throughout the year with a series of initiatives aimed at their happiness and well-being.

On 13 May, Rixos Premium Dubai held a positive mindset workshop and guided meditation session, the first in this series of health and wellbeing workshops. With a huge turnout of employees, the event was a resounding success. During the session, staff were encouraged to explore the power of positive emotions. Everyone was introduced to a range of tools to help improve mood and explored the role that positive emotions play in a person’s happiness.

The second event organised by Rixos Premium Dubai was a painting class, which took place on 18 May. Through painting, employees were encouraged to explore their emotions and taught techniques to help them relax and de-stress. Painting can be an emotional release that allows a person to relax and let go of any problems that contribute to high levels of stress. Creating something beautiful through painting stimulates the creative mind, which helps relieve mental tension.

To round off Mental Health Awareness Month, Rixos Premium Dubai is organising a morning yoga session for its employees at the end of the month. Yoga is an effective method of managing and reducing stress, anxiety and depression. People who do yoga regularly experience greater mental clarity and calmness. It is also an extremely effective method of focusing and sharpening the mind.

Rixos Premium Dubai intends to continue its efforts to ensure the health and well-being of all its employees in the coming months and years: more events and workshops are planned in the near future.