Dolce&Gabbana exp officially debuts in the world of gaming with “gooDGame”, a ground-breaking project that celebrates the world’s fastest-growing sport and brings the #DGDNA to professional players and fans across the globe.

The project takes its name from “Good game” – the global salutation between players before and after every game – and is developed across a range of initiatives, including a partnership with Mkers to create one of the world’s first documented Gaming House Twinning initiatives, SKNUPS for digital content and collections, and an ultra-limited edition collection created exclusively for gamers. The goal of the collaboration with Mkers is to give a new perspective on the world of gamers with a web series produced by Frame by Frame. The 8 episodes go behind the scenes of 4 teams and their respective Gaming Houses from Italy, Japan, Brazil and the United States, to reveal their dedication to the sport, their rigorous training in preparation for major international competitions and the mutual exchanges between the pro players as they share different approaches and their experiences. As part of the project, Dolce&Gabbana has also entered a strategic partnership with SKNUPS, a metaverseready digital collectables platform to create and integrate branded skins into leading games, led by drops of limited-edition digital collectables launched exclusively on the SKNUPS platform.

 To complete the “gooDGame” initiative, Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana have created a hyperrecognizable no gender limited collection consisting of hats, T-shirts, trousers and hoodies customized withcrossed DG logos, featuring hyper-digitized lettering and a blend of glitch effects and gradient tie-dye colouring. The collection will soon be available exclusively on their website. “gooDGame” aims to promote the sense of sportsmanship and fair play that unites gamers across the world and highlights Dolce&Gabbana’s commitment to exploring and celebrating cultural trends, both in the physical and digital worlds.