The world doesn’t stand still, and while someone is selling NFT pictures and earning bitcoins, Elizaveta Trebuta, owner of Elmax Salon and Spa, is successfully developing the beauty industry in Dubai.

Naturalness, grooming and beauty are the three pillars on which fashion in the beauty industry is currently based. Elmax Salon and Spa covers a wide range of services for both women and men, focusing on the very top trends:

– Hair care (hair care, colouring, cutting, styling) as well as free consultations;

         New life to your hair, 4-hand styling, your locks will look like you’re a Hollywood star! If you are not the owner of a lion’s mane or you’re just tired of a short haircut, the salon invites you to take advantage of capsule hair extensions. You get the most natural effect and certainly millions of likes on your photos in the new look. Of course, not only ladies can try out the latest trends in beauty fashion, there are also timely looks for men, dictated by Fashion Week 2022. Ultra-short haircuts with a barber, curly perms and colourful hair, experts urge men to be bolder in their choice of looks.

– Facial skincare (facials, mechanical and instrumental);

Forget about plastic surgery, an experienced beautician can help your face look fresh and young 24/7. The Elmax team offers a super procedure – hydrofeshle, a gentle facial peel that all the celebrities are delighted with. Applied cosmetology is one of the key secrets of health and beauty.

– Nail service (classic manicure/pedicure, gel manicure including all types of design, nail extension)

The unmistakable trend of 2022 is manicure with sparkles! It looks spectacular in any variations, from delicate French to combinations with bright colours. Among the trends and tendencies in men’s manicure 2022-2023 you can mention transparency and ” naked” nails, mostly matte effect, short length, black colour covering or drawings in black colour. Nail masters will give you a lot of ideas for everyday, evening and wedding manicure, after all a beautiful, well-groomed manicure is what people around you always pay attention to first of all. 

– spa procedures (various types of massage, body scrub, Moroccan sauna);

At Elmax you can relax and rejuvenate with a variety of soothing massage treatments performed by qualified professionals. The top treatment you can enjoy is a Moroccan bath with Turkish technology. A scrubbing and foam relaxation massage will leave you looking fresh and relaxed.

– and others (waxing, eyelash extensions, lamination of eyelashes/brows, make-up, etc.).

Laminated eyebrows are the trend of 2022. The laminating procedure helps to raise the hairs upwards, make the eyebrows visually thicker and hold their shape. And such deliberately raised eyebrows are considered very trendy this year. As for make-up, naturalness and trendy arrows haven’t gone anywhere.

Opened in 2019, the salon has become a trusted partner of major events over the past three years and visitors often include celebrities and public figures, both local and international.

Success lies not only in the professionalism of each master, but also in the coherence of the team as a whole. Elmax is a family, where each member of staff is passionate about their work and constantly works on their personal development.

The salon staff are not afraid of any work difficulties, and night and day they are ready to create beauty. This is why salon professionals are often invited to work with models, for example in the desert or without long periods of rest.

Improve your appearance, relax your soul, look at yourself in the mirror in a new way, get ready for any important event and life challenge – this is all Elmax Salon and Spa.