A new app has appeared on the market.

The app announces that using it you can improve your health and earn money at the same time.

The AMAZY app is definitely worth attention and attracts with it’s stylish content, design of the sneakers, influencers and celebrities who take part in the project.

We decided to talk with one of the creators of the AMAZY app Sergey Kosenko to learn about the global plans, ambitions and ideas from the co-founder of this project.

Sergey Kosenko, AMAZY’s co-founder

In which countries will be launched AMAZY app?

AMAZY will be available all over the world. All one has to do is install the app for iOS or Android and equip the AMAZY NFT sneakers.

What are the project’s global plans (for example in 5 years)?

It is important to mention that we are definitely not going to stop with the product launch and AZY token’s listing on exchanges.

We really do have massive plans. Let me explain it all. AMAZY is a platform where the first Move&Earn app is about to launch soon.

Two new products are about to be announced, they are currently in the dev stage. One of them will also focus on the Move&Earn sphere. The other one is completely different, all I can say is that it is a gaming project. Those projects will also operate with AMT and AZY tokens, and that certainly is a big plus. Stay tuned not to miss important announcements from AMAZY that will appear soon!

How many sneakers have already been purchased at the moment?

15.000 of shoeboxes in total. 14.000 were sold, and the remaining ones are for contest winners and influencers. Boxes can be opened when the mainnnet launches. Afterwards, the sneakers mint possibility will become available.

What inspired you to create AMAZY(design, logo etc.)?

We were inspired by the idea of uniting two main directions: to Move and to Earn, combining benefits for both health and profit.

Of course, we learned a lot from the StepN project. Our team examined its case thoroughly considering all the mistakes they made, feedback from the community, and created our own, different app.

AMAZY’s visual part results from the work of our talented designers and the video team.

What celebrities, bloggers, influencers take part in the project?

Among AMAZY’s partners are over 350 celebrities, bloggers and influencers with a total audience of 750M+ followers.

Some of them are already unveiled on the AMAZY website, and more are to be announced. These are famous athletes, musicians, models and many other celebs that joined AMAZY and are now telling their audiences about us.

What’s new in the project?

We are currently running the closed beta test, and getting ready to launch the Mainnet. The AMAZY Academy, created to bring newbies to the Web 3.0 and crypto world, making it all easy for everyone, is now open to everyone. There are many plans for innovation at AMAZY.

Comment on the AZY listing launch.

That was a challenging day – July 22, 2022, when AZY token hit several major crypto exchanges. Among them are OKX, ByBit, PancakeSwap, MEXC Global and Gate.io. The total trading volume of AZY on exchanges has exceeded $10,000,000 within the first 30 minutes.

Of course, we had some haters saying our token will never be listed anywhere, and they even tried to prevent AZY from entering exchanges. As for now: just have a look at where we are so far, and that is only the beginning!

What are you proud of?

I am really proud of what we’ve already done, though pretty sure that is just the very start of AMAZY as we have many ideas to bring to life. I am very grateful to my business partner and AMAZY’s co-founder – Artem Nikolaev, and to all of the AMAZY team. Of course, thanks to everyone who believes in us. And we, in turn, will do all we can not to let you down.