The protagonists of the Pirelli Calendar 2023 are muses. They are imaginary and archetypal characters that have inspired the photographer throughout her life. It is a tribute to all women, including singers, actresses, artists, writers and activists. Many of her images reference these characters, both real and imaginary. The 2023 edition starred some of the world’s most famous models. The shoot took place in New York and London.

“From the beginning of my journey in photography, I always wondered, who is the Woman in my picture? Where does she come from? Where does she want to go? Who does she love? How does she love? What drives her? How does she imagine herself in the world? How does she become her own imagination? I first ask these questions of myself and then project them onto the story I’m trying to tell or the emotion I hope to convey. My goal is to inspire the viewer to open their mind and dream with me.” – Explains Emma Summerton, author of the 49th edition of the Pirelli calendar (The Cal™)

Marco Tronchetti Provera, Executive Vice President and CEO of Pirelli, explained why they decided to choose Emma as their photographer:

“I noticed Emma Summerton’s work because her images represent a fabulous and magical world, very colourful, created with a rich imagination. And because we live in a time when the ‘real’ and the ‘unreal’ are increasingly found, she seemed the perfect artist to interpret this moment and at the same time make a great contribution to the legacy of the Pirelli calendar.”

Twelve of today’s most in-demand models of different nationalities, ages and looks acted as muses: Adwoa Aboa – the Queen, Adut Akech – the Dream Catcher, He Kong – the Sage, Cara Delevingne – the Performer, Ashley Graham -the Activist, Bella Hadid – the Sprite, Karlie Kloss – the Tech Savant, Precious Lee – the Storyteller, Leela Moss – the Seer, Sasha Pivovarova – the Painter; Emily Ratzakowski – the Writer, Gwenever Van Sinus – the Photographer, Lauren Wasser – the Athlete, Kaja Wilkins – the Musician.

The edition will be presented as usual in November this year.