Jennifer Lopez has finally revealed what she married Ben Affleck in for the second time. We’ve already seen the first wedding gown the singer walked down the aisle in Las Vegas, but it clearly loses out to the new dress. First, J Lo posted a “teaser” on her social media page in the form of a portrait shot as close up as possible. In it, you could barely see the bride’s makeup through the veil.

A few hours later, American magazine Vogue presented the first full-length photo of Jennifer, as well as a sketch of the outfit. The dress with short sleeves, high collar, open back and puffed skirt was created exclusively for her by designers of fashion house Ralph Lauren. It is claimed that the dress was inspired by the brand’s archive pieces. For the skirt and the long train 1640 feet (about 500m) of fabric was needed. It was cut into ruffles and hand-stitched onto the dress. Completing the look was a long translucent veil, a bouquet of white flowers, earrings and a ring with large pearls. She did not specify the price of the piece – but custom tailoring from such a label is clearly not cheap.

Almost simultaneously with the publication of the photo by the glossy magazine, subscribers of the singer’s mailing list On The JLo received an email with unique shots of the same outfit. Thanks to additional photos, you can see it in great detail from different angles.

Recall, this past weekend, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck were treated to three days of extensive wedding in Riceboro, Georgia, at Ben’s estate. And a month before that, the lovers signed in a Las Vegas chapel in the presence of children from past marriages.