Daily, complex and painstaking work is the key to an effective and developing business. Successful business contains a large number of important components: a product, a professional team, customers, promotion methods and channels, etc. Each business is unique, so it is very important to choose the right positioning model and choose an effective marketing strategy.

We want to tell about the incredibly large-scale event “Synergy Traffic & Marketing Summit Dubai” that takes place on October 22 at Taj Exotica Dubai. There will be over 300 participants, representatives of popular brands, well-known bloggers, business coaches, authors of popular educational programs, editors and publishers of magazines, successful entrepreneurs, investors, marketers, neuro-coaches, SMM marketers, branding experts, etc..

Experts will talk about developments, current trends and news in marketing in the Middle East, cover topics about blogging and influencer marketing, the importance of online reputation, the creation of the sales funnels, media marketing and brand marketing.

The forum is organized by Synergy Business School Dubai. Founders: Gagik Muradyan and Gevorg Muradyan.

Gagik Muradyan and Gevorg Muradyan, founders of the Synergy Business School Dubai

The headliner of the forum is Alexandra Mitroshina, a blogger with an audience of 2.3 million subscribers, an expert in maintaining and monetizing Instagram. Bestselling author of Instagram. Founder of the most famous business conference in social networks “Projector”.

The forum will also host a panel discussion of a completely new format, which will be led by Igor Sergeev, the editor-in-chief of the “Dubai People Magazine”, the founder of the “Papa Media Group”.

Igor Sergeev, the editor-in-chief of the “Dubai People Magazine”, the founder of the “Papa Media Group”

Forum participants will gain valuable knowledge and skills, as well as learn about building a marketing company in the Emirates, choosing a niche, promotion and benefits of starting a business in the UAE, working marketing tools in the Middle East, advertising and PR in the Emirates.

The Synergy Traffic & Marketing Summit Dubai forum is for people, who want to learn more about promoting, increasing the efficiency of your business, making new useful contacts, taking your business to a new level.

You can buy tickets HERE