We live in a society that is open and free from imposed values ​​and stereotypes; we strive to become free people with a bright and unique individuality, not to live under dictation, under our own control. It is important to be unique for a modern person, to live and think listening to the inner voice and feelings.

We had the opportunity to talk to Evgeny Kuznetsov – a wonderful creative person with a bright and eye-catching personality and an extraordinary vision of life and art. Evgeny shared with us his story, his sources of inspiration, the search for his unique style, as well as his plans and goals.

Evgeny started doing videography in 2016, without any training in video filming and editing. You surely remember the unique style, vision of the frame, non-standard transitions, logos, unique sound design getting acquainted with his works. Evgeny is a freelance artist with a bright palette of ideas and tools, who is not afraid to experiment, constantly trying something new, following his inner feeling. Evgeny calls his works – unformatted, they have a lot of soul, they are non-standard and different from all others. He broadcasts his inner state and feelings, love for life, the way he sees and lives every moment, every frame.

There is a huge number of works on account of Evgeny: filming for famous brands, restaurants, celebrities, bloggers, etc. Customers are always surprised by the lack of complex and numerous equipment at the shooting, as well as the fact that Evgeny shoots his unique work on a mobile phone, but this is what sets him apart from others.

Evgeny told us about the sources of his inspiration. For him personally it is travel to new places and countries, as well as communication with interesting creative people. Evgeny seeks to capture and convey a realistic picture of what is happening, his feelings, details that are invisible to others, people’s behavior; show the true reality where he is through the prism of the country.

In 2019 Evgeny created his own educational course “Discover Freedom”, a course on creating video content. He brought together art-loving people who like his style and his vision. Evgeny found an individual approach to each student, helped to work out mistakes, only indirectly pointing out them, gave complete freedom of self-expression through video and helped to find and feel what a person really wants to show in his work.

Evgeny plans to shoot a feature film with a complex, interesting and deep plot that is adequately appreciated by the viewer and will not leave anyone indifferent.