GuyWay Group will be hosting a Grand Business Season Opening in Dubai from the 6th to 7th of October.

GuyWay Group was established in 2021 and facilitated one of the most sophisticated business events in Dubai. The main purpose and definitive feature of the GuyWay is to help founders and business executives become reputable and recognizable players on the global market through memorable events in the entrepreneurship hub of the Arab Emirates. 

GuyWay Group’s leader is Guy Yanpolsky – a world-renowned blockchain consultant, business angel and cryptocurrency expert with over 13 years of experience. Guy has been the mastermind behind more than 10 successful start-ups since 2012 and has had a successful track record in the telecom industry and as a trader. He is also considered one of the most renowned networkers in IT and cryptocurrencies, sharing his best business practices with others.

Guy Yanpolsky, founder of GuyWay Group

Guy Yanpolsky’s team offers comprehensive business solutions for crypto projects and IT start-ups, helping them to develop their community, build brand awareness and attract investment. Assistance can be provided in marketing and PR to create the right strategy and positioning. When the brand is ready, GuyWay sets the stage to present the project to potential stakeholders. 

GuyWay Group has a team of multidisciplinary professionals managing events from A to Z: strategic design, planning, full legal and marketing support for events infused with innovation and technology. GuyWay Events is committed to setting high standards not only for event production, but for the industry as a whole, organising high quality Blockchain and IT events for leading companies.

GuyWay provides access to one of the largest crypto and IT communities in the world, partnering with Dubai Blockchain Center, Bitcoin Association of Hong Kong, Cybertime Finance, Lisbon Blockchain Association and others. GuyWay’s highlights include business conferences (Supreme Blockchain Conference, WOW Summit) and a series of private events in the most luxurious locations. The group provides various meeting formats: talk shows, cocktail parties, meet ups, conferences and yacht networking. Each event guarantees quality guest interaction, signature cuisine and endless bar options.

Grand Business Season Opening in Dubai will unite top CEOs, board members, VCs and institutional investors, Tier-1 Funds, promising startups, ambassadors & influencers from around the world. You can Register for free

The event will be supported and sponsored by WOW Summit, Market Making Pro, Thunder Lands (TL Games),, Upland, Metropolitan Premium Properties, Chiko Roko, BR-Group,, Yalla Market, Desert Storm Media Productions, IvendPay, GulfCrypto, WOW magazine, Dubai People, Papa Media.

All events are available on GuyWay bot – one of the best sources to find out about business events in Dubai.