An unreleased track featuring Freddie Mercury has been posted on Queen’s YouTube channel, titled Face It Alone. It is not a neuro-netically recreated voice of the legendary musician – the song was recorded back in 1988 and was supposed to be on the 13th studio album The Miracle in 1989. In the end, for some reason, the song never made it to the compilation. It is generally believed that this was done (or rather, not done) due to the well-being of Mercury, who was already experiencing serious health problems at the time.

The release was announced in the summer, when Queen guitarist Brian May and drummer Roger Taylor said they would soon unveil “an unknown composition by the late rock band’s lead singer”. The musicians revealed that the song had been undeservedly “forgotten” by them, and when it was found they considered it a “real discovery”. The melody had to be pulled out by sound and some fragments of the song “seemed to be glued together”.

The current album The Miracle contains 12 songs. While recording it, Freddie Mercury became seriously ill: HIV turned into AIDS. There was a growing possibility that the album would be the musician’s last.

The singer died in 1991, and in 1995, the band released their last studio album Made in Heaven. This November, fans will be treated to another big release: the band are planning to reissue their vinyl album The Miracle.