Every year, beauty trends get bolder and more unconventional. The world has gone crazy with glitter on the lips and coloured arrows, metallic textures and draping have permanently returned to fashion, and acid-coloured mascara or black lipstick can easily be found in the corners of popular brands. This is especially enjoyable for those for whom following and experimenting with beauty trends is part of their profession. The professionals at Elmax Salon&Spa share with us the beauty industry trends.

Beauty standards are constantly changing. If you recall, not so long ago thinness, protruding collarbones and pale skin were in fashion. Later, a sporty physique came into vogue and then girls with plump lips and a neat little nose were at the peak of popularity. Today, however, stylists are leaning towards maximum naturalness. Knowing and respecting one’s natural beauty is a new kind of sexuality.

Society is trying to make the fashion industry more human and come to a broader understanding of beauty, not restricted solely to looks. Girls no longer need to have cosmetic surgery to look like the cover of magazines. The only thing that remains unchanged is the importance of grooming. Putting naturalness first, the fashion world doesn’t forget and doesn’t neglect proper hair, skin and body care.


Both natural shades and coloured hair are trending. Fusion, slip, contrast dip dye, stencil, concealed and block colouring are popular techniques this year.

Hair must be straight, parted in two with a centre or side parting and resting on the shoulders. No backcombing. So get your curling irons and straighteners ready. Experts point out that the side parting visually narrows the face, and the central, on the contrary, expands. Slightly mussed hair that feels like it hasn’t been touched by the stylist’s hands is the ultimate in styling.

Fringes, which are straight and thick with a clean cut, can be as long as your eyelashes. It suits any face and makes its features more harmonious. This is a throwback to the 60s but little braids are still relevant today.

The trend for large, self-contained hair accessories is also returning. Time for voluminous bows, hairpins and headbands.


Sleek makeup without makeup is in trend, so all the nude shades, lightweight textures, foundations that do not weigh down the skin, highlighters and finely dispersed sequins should be in the cosmetic bag of every girl.

Eyebrows. Make-up artists urge to stop “drawing” eyebrows following the copy. Now gaining popularity is the trend of slight carelessness, that is, the hairs beyond the contour should not scare you, let them be. A neatly combed eyebrow and a dash of eyebrow gel should suffice.

In addition, a new trend that’s taking the place of sable eyebrows is the complete absence of eyebrows. Of course, you don’t need to shave them off, but if you want to look trendy and trendy, you may want to think about bleaching, bleaching or trying to mask your eyebrows with concealer – then they will look like the cover of the magazine.

Eyes. The crease accent make-up remains in fashion, of course. But it is better to avoid harsh and clear lines that visually divide the eyelid in half. Unless, of course, you do makeup from the 60s in the style of Twiggy, which is now also on the list of trends. Use the cut crease technique to subtly darken the crease (shadows that you apply to this area should be shaded to a haze) and thereby create a volume effect.

An important rule to remember: ‘The more, the better’. And that goes for the arrows. Experiment: draw bright, coloured, wide, double, outside, inside, whatever your imagination can do.

Shadows should be of pearly shades, apply all over the eyelid, use glitter in the centre of the eyelid. Vibrant eye makeup in the style of the 90s is back in fashion: peach, olive, blue and red shades. Shadows don’t have to be flattened according to all the rules of makeup: you can apply them with your finger and just slightly smooth out the borders. Makeup artists suggest to master the inner corner of the eye and make it bright to reveal the look and shine.

Eyelashes. Here too, naturalness is trendy. Popular mascara with the light formula, which makes the lashes brighter in colour, and also a little longer and more voluminous, but without the effect of building up. If you can afford it, don’t wear eyelashes at all.

Lips. Sheer lip gloss is in vogue. There are many ways to visually enhance the lips. But choose among them only those that give an organic and natural result. Do not ignore the natural contour when doing lip makeup. It is better to add volume to them with a radiant texture.

Lip augmentation and matte lipsticks are becoming anti-trend, while expressive make-up is also welcome in everyday life and at important events. The leaders are nude shades, colours close to natural, as well as bright berry, red and plum shades.

Cheeks. Blush should be a natural shade for your skin tone: a soft blush for fair skin, deeper and richer versions for darker skin. It’s better to apply it with fingers and a fluffy brush, the main thing is to maintain the effect of weightlessness and carelessness.

Cheekbones should be expressive, they give the face a luxurious look, laconic and stylish. In fact, they are the only way to create a perfect, topsy-turvy look.

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