After Liz Truss stepped down as UK Prime Minister after only 44 days in office, politician Rishi Sunak has taken her place. Charles III today officially proclaimed him as the head of the government. On the occasion, a joint photo of the newly proclaimed king and the new prime minister inside Buckingham Palace appeared on the royal family’s official account.

“The King received Rishi Sunak MP at Buckingham Palace today. His Majesty asked him to form a new government. Mr Sunak accepted His Majesty’s offer and was appointed Prime Minister and First Lord of the Treasury,” reads an official statement from the Crown.

Notably, Punjabi Hindu Rishi Sunak took up his new post on one of the most important Hindu festivals of Diwali, which is celebrated today. In Indian culture, this festival symbolises the victory of good over evil. It is worth noting that Rishi Sunak was the only candidate for the post. Liz Truss dropped out of the race, however, as did Boris Johnson, who had earlier indicated a desire to return to the duties of prime minister.

On 24 October, former finance minister Rishi Sunak won the votes of his fellow MPs to become leader of the UK Conservative Party. House of Commons leader Penny Mordont failed to get the required number of votes, with former Prime Minister Boris Johnson declining to stand for office.