Doing business requires huge costs of effort, time, finance and intelligence, so a modern businessman works continuously, constantly develops, attends various business meetings and events, sometimes completely forgetting about rest.

It is very important to replenish all resources for successful and effective work. The best way to do this is to change the scene and have a full rest. It is in informal setting that is born non-standard, productive and relevant solutions and ideas for business and new projects. The informal setting helps to unite the team, helps to improve communication and gain new acquaintances.

Club 500 residents decided to spend their weekend actively. A big team conquered the World Class Outdoor Circuit karting track on October 15. The Club 500 team did an excellent job with the challenge, which included 1.2 km of difficult track with 17 turns, a tunnel and a bridge.

Club 500 residents showed themselves to be a really close-knit and friendly team and received many positive emotions and memories for a long time.