The 32-year-old actress and socialite Julia Fox has spoken out against anti-ageing cosmetics and accused beauty brands of “selling the fantasy of eternal youth”. She has recorded a video appealing that beauty brands should stop using the anti-age label to advertise their skincare products and threatened to sue the next company that introduces an anti-ageing product. The actress believes it is impossible to get younger with a serum or cream.

“If I see another product with ‘anti-aging’ written on the label, I’m going to court because I’m going to get old whether I put a $500 damn serum on my face or not,” she said. – “We all know it, so let’s stop kidding ourselves. Getting old is hot.”

Note that Julia Fox has been outspoken not only about ageing, but also about mental health. In early October, she opened up about her own mental health issues. The star has neurodivergent behaviour (slight developmental delay), symptoms of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD).

And a week ago, Julia was interviewed for author Emily Rattakowski’s podcast. In a dialogue with the supermodel, the star admitted that a fling with rapper Kanye West hasn’t had the best effect on her acting career.