Alexander Gerchik, one of the world’s most successful traders in financial markets, will hold a live seminar in Dubai from December 12 to 16, 2022. 

This is a landmark event for anyone interested in investing and finance, allowing them to dive into the world of trading from a true Wall Street guru with over 23 years of experience.

Who is Alexander Gerchik? 

Alexander Gerchik is originally from Ukraine but has lived in the U.S. for over 30 years. Since 1999 he has been professionally engaged in trading and investing, training, and consulting leading financiers, investors, and top managers. 

During his more than 20 years of experience in trading and investing, he has achieved a lot:

  • From 2003 to 2010, Alexander Gerchik was the managing partner of Hold Brothers LLC, one of America’s three largest brokerage companies.
  • He gained a reputation as a reliable day trader, thanks to which he became the main character of the famous television project Wall Street Warriors.
  • He also received the title of the safest trader in the world in 2006 by Mojo Wall Street Warriors.
  • In 2015, he became the president of his brokerage company Gerchik & Co, which is successfully operating in different countries.

Live seminar program in Dubai

In Dubai, Alexander will hold 5 days of intensive live seminar with participants of different levels of training. The event is designed not only for experienced traders and investors but also for beginners in financial markets and those who plan to start training in financial management. 

All participants will receive introductory information from Alexander Gerchik before the start of the seminar, including video lessons, a trader’s dictionary, a folder with valuable materials, and more. It allows each participant to prepare for the event and “be on the same page.” 

The live seminar program consists of several courses: 

  • Basic concepts of trading and financial literacy;
  • Understanding financial markets;
  • Trading styles and algorithms;
  • Fundamentals of risk and financial management;
  • How a Trading Day goes.

This will be reinforced with personal recommendations, insights, homework, and live communication. 

The outcome of the live seminar for each participant will be new acquaintances, knowledge, and an incredible experience. This can be the basis for building your trading empire, diversifying your savings, and creating a stable income.

Why should you attend Alexander Gerchik’s live seminar? 

The live seminar in Dubai is the first step to beginning your immersion into trading and investing. After all, today’s financial market realities offer many opportunities to make money from asset price fluctuations, including stocks, cryptocurrencies, bonds, forex, and more. So, discover a promising new world with the freedom of life. 

Hurry up to become a participant in Alexander Gerchik’s live seminar! The number of places is limited. And maybe right now, someone will be the last participant who will forever change his life for the better: