YOKA IIZUKA Jewelry House organizes the very special celebration of Hanukkah in Dubai together with of the First Congress of Jewish Women and Association of Jewish Communities in the United Arab Emirates. The gala evening takes place in Four Seasons Hotel Dubai at December 22.

First Women’s Jewish Congress is an open organization that aims to unite women of different ages and social statuses.

Yudit Sorokina, Lora Gavrilova, Annetes Rudman and Yulianna Viner are the leaders and founders of the Congress.

The main mission of the Congress is creative activity: charity, education, personal growth, etc. The Congress creates an effective system of women’s mutual assistance and cooperation to solve large-scale tasks and local challenges. The participants of the Congress are women of any nationality and faith, who set as their goal spiritual, physical, intellectual and material development.

The Congress introduces women to each other so that they find new ways to expand their opportunities, realize their business needs and thereby develop their business projects and create new ones. Thanks to this they will become more successful and their projects will bring even more profit.

All guests of the gala evening are expected candle lighting, welcoming words by speakers of Jewish communities of Emirates, unforgettable show and dinner. The dress code of the evening is Black Tie.

For the first time in Jewish history, diverse Jewish communities will get together in the United Arab Emirates and it will happen at Hanukkah time!

YOKA IIZUKA Jewelry House immerses you in the atmosphere of the Miracle and spends this special spiritual holiday together at the gala evening.