Kim Jones has pierced the tranquillity of Egypt’s deserts with a Dior men’s collection that combines past, present and future.

Against the backdrop of the mesmerising Great Pyramids of Giza, Kim Jones debuted the Dior Men Autumn 2023 collection. The choice of location – the Great Pyramids were built in line with Orion’s belt – is a tribute to Monsieur Dior’s fascination with superstition and belief in astrology.

In honour of Dior’s 75th anniversary, Jones draws on the House’s principles by recycling archival pieces and knowledge, including traditional pattern-cutting techniques, emblematic embroidery and silhouettes borrowed from women’s clothing.  DemiKilt is inspired by a 1950s bonne fortune-embroidered dress. Elsewhere, the art director updates the story with cannage, neoprene panels and metallic finishes.

The predominantly neutral collection in sand, shell and stone combines sportswear and tailoring with Jones’ futuristic flair – the latter juxtaposed with ancient marvels that are 4,500 years old. Sci-fi references are woven into knitwear and pieces with galactic splashes, offering a playful lightness to heavy, textured garments.

Alongside the Kim Jones collection, Dior Men has launched a capsule collection designed by Denim Tears founder Tremaine Emory. The American designer has previously worked at Marc Jacobs, Yeezy, Nike and Supreme and is known for highlighting black culture and history, using his Denim Tears collections as a vessel for storytelling.

Dior Tears is a dialogue between New York, New Orleans and Paris, combining American and French cultural codes and largely inspired by the arrival of African American jazz musicians in Paris.

Dior Tears also drew inspiration from black Ivy League students of the fifties, using preppy clothing and tailoring inspired by work wear. The collection was shown in tableau vivant form at the Grand Egyptian Museum in Cairo. Discover the collection

Source: MOJEH