Born in Madrid in the late 90s, UNOde50 originally focused on a distinctive style of jewellery. Traditional jewellery techniques and processes were used in a new way and original pieces of limited editions were produced. At that time the brand produced 50 pieces of each jewellery piece. Now the scale has changed, but the commitment to craftsmanship and innovation has remained intact.

For the New Year’s season UNOde50 designers presented a collection with a talking name Hypnotic. And it is hypnotic not only because of its eye-catching visuals, but also because of its magical associations. The items are made of special jewellery alloy, supplemented with crystals of different shapes and sizes. Many details are intertwined, like reptile scales. The movement of the elements allows you to capture the grace and passion of an animal. The grey and champagne-coloured crystals add to their lustre – like a snake’s gaze, which mesmerises and hypnotises.

Hypnotic pieces are varied: a bracelet with multiple metal threads, a dynamic chain necklace, a necklace with a number of rectangular crystals, a ring with stones in different shades and geometric earrings. A major plus of the collection is that all pieces are perfectly coordinated with each other, creating an extraordinary set.