Nothing motivates better than a successful personal example, that is based on hard work on yourself, self-development and constant learning. Self-made experts and bloggers prove to their subscribers that nothing is impossible, that you can achieve incredible success and conquer the whole world relying on your knowledge and experience. They go from scratch to the international level, fly jets and inspire their subscribers to achieve their goals.

The leaders of the media market made a joint first flight on a luxury jet to the forum “Refresh” On January 9. Refresh is a transformational event with online education leaders in Belek, Turkey. Igor Sergeev, Alexandra Mitroshina, Yan Stashkevich, Ilya Goncharenko, Mark Seliverstov fulfilled their dream, that caused an incredible response from their audience. Bloggers took part in the event as top experts and speakers, and covered topics related to development in the media, promotion, sales through social networks, etc.

Igor Sergeev, Alexandra Mitroshina, Yan Stashkevich, Ilya Goncharenko, Maria Morozova

Igor Sergeev was one of the top speakers of this forum. Igor is a founder of Papa Media, blogger, singer, businessman, journalist and investor, one of the most successful and popular Russian-speaking entrepreneurs in Dubai with 13 years of PR experience. Igor revealed the topic of DNA and the foundation of a personal brand and also gave advice on how to get into the top publications of Forbes, Bloomberg or Vogue at the forum “Refresh”.

Igor Sergeev

The speeches of the main leaders of the media market caused a real delight, as well as a lot of positive emotions among all the participants of the event. A concentrate of knowledge and useful information, personal successful examples and a charge of incredible energy did not leave anyone indifferent.