MY TWENTY FIVE means you’ll never get enough, at least twenty-five couples of shoes can quench your thirst. The history of the brand began with passion, exquisite sexuality, a drop of drama and became a symbol of the modern woman. She can be anyone, but the main thing is self-confidence. Courage is what she carries in her heart. She always wants more, and she is not  satisfied with a little. The brand knows that comfort is important, so it supports customization.

MY TWENTY FIVE were the first to create personalized shoes for their clients in Ukraine.

The brand was founded by designer Katya Lysenko in 2016 in Kyiv, Ukraine. This obsession with shoes began as a child. The designer remembers herself as a little girl, spinning in front of a mirror in her mother’s shoes. It was time to fulfill her cherished dream: Katya decided to create her own shoes after 25 years. The main goal for the designer was to create unique and refined, but at the same time, comfortable shoes that allow its owners feel confident and comfortable. Every pair of MY TWENTY FIVE shoes is made with love!

Katya Lysenko

MY TWENTY FIVE is the first Ukrainian brand of women’s shoes in the premium segment that conducted its own study of the features of real women’s feet. The brand’s unique technology allows you to create models based on research results. Instead of the usual use of ready-made template outdated lasts, brand employees collected measurements of the feet of real women (more than 300 pairs of female feet) and obtained the ideal proportions of beautiful and comfortable shoes by creating their own last. This is how the first and iconic model appeared – pumps.

The main competitive advantage: a technology that allows you to create a product based on real measurements, making it not only beautiful, but also comfortable.

MY TWENTY FIVE has been recognized by HELEN MARLEN as one of the 8 best Ukrainian footwear brands from the first days of the brand’s entry into the Ukrainian market. It was first shown at Ukrainian Fashion Week as a part of the SS2018 show in collaboration with TheCoat byKatyaSilchenko. The brand also has a successful experience in creating individual lasts for Ukrainian business women and celebrities.