From a small settlement in an arid desert to the most luxurious city on the planet. Dubai is an incredible success story: how in just 50 years the city has changed beyond recognition and become one of the world leaders in all areas of life.

A successful entrepreneur, businessman, expert and crypto investor Alexander Lozben shares in our interview about the pros and cons of living in Dubai, people, lifestyle, fashion, top and interesting locations.

Why did you choose Dubai as a location for life and development? What are the pros and cons you have already noted for yourself in life in Dubai?

Dubai is a very safe and beautiful city where everyone is happy to see each other, a city with comfortable living conditions and climate. This city highlights a particularly tolerant attitude towards immigrants, as well as a huge number of opportunities. Dubai is now at the peak stage of its development: the heyday of the crypto industry, stability, prospects and incredible opportunities for development.

Speaking about the pros and cons of living in Dubai I still try to focus on the pros: I really like the climate and weather, financial services, easy integration into society, a lot of people and acquaintances, the biggest networking, a pleasant atmosphere in general etc. Speaking about the cons I would only note that there are not enough personal communication with relatives.

What places, locations and activities do you like to visit in Dubai? What would you recommend and consider a must-see?

My personal recommendation is walking along the DFC promenade, where you can enjoy an incredible view, visit pleasant restaurants and cafes and there are huge number of beach clubs.

Actively working all week I try to find time to relax on weekends, visit various restaurants, beach clubs. I have feeling like I am at the world’s best resorts.

Do you often attend public events? What interesting people have you met and communicated with? How would you characterize the people living in Dubai?

I quite often attend various public events, both professional and entertaining: conferences, forums, seminars, concerts, business breakfasts, etc. I managed to see and communicate with a large number of famous people.

In general the people of Dubai are a mix of people from all over the world, of different nationalities, with whom you communicate on an equal footing. The most important thing in Dubai is that people appreciate the place they live in, create and take care of it, so the city is insanely clean, comfortable, cultural and safe.

Do you follow fashion trends?

Dubai is now considered one of the world’s fashion centers; there are a huge number of brand and designer stores. A large number of people can afford to dress beautifully and fashionably due to the high standard of living.

As for me I try to follow fashion trends, while maintaining my own individual style that characterizes me, complementing and reflecting my inner state.

What is your lifestyle?

I like to set ambitious goals and achieve them. To enjoy not only the result of what I do, but even the process itself, in spite of that sometimes it is not easy.

How would you characterize the concept “modern entrepreneur”?

A modern entrepreneur is a person who does not sit still, constantly keeps his finger on the pulse, and tries to make his life and the lives of people around him better, without putting earnings in the first place.

In order to succeed, a modern entrepreneur must foresee his actions and their result a couple of steps ahead: what will be in demand, when and where to open a business, find a decent professional team, etc.

Who is a stylish person for you?

For me personally a modern stylish person is not about appearance at all. First of all style shows how a person feels, presents himself to the outside world. Style is one of the forms of creativity, with the help of that a person tries to express and emphasize his characteristic features.

Not every person can find his own style, but he can come to this and form it with the help of observation or by turning to professionals in this direction.

Thanks to Alexander Lozben for the interview, from that we learned so many new and interesting facts about the lifestyle in Dubai, people, locations and characteristics that make the modern entrepreneur stand out.