Singer Lisa, who is a member of the popular South Korean K-pop band Blackpink, became the face of the new advertising campaign of the jewelry house Bvlgari. The brand introduced a limited edition watch collection created in collaboration with the singer.

The model itself was inspired by Lisa’s favourite flower, the Edelweiss. It is also the symbol of the Swiss Alps where the Bvlgari watch manufactory is located. The flower is engraved on the back of the watch. In the centre of the picture are the initials of the singer. The illustration is accompanied by the words ‘Fabriqué en Suisse’ (‘Made in Switzerland’).

The watch with an 18 carat rose gold bezel is available in sizes 33 mm and 23 mm. The dial, set with a circle of diamonds, is finished in marshmallow shades, a colour that is revealed in certain lights. The crown is adorned with a natural cabochon-cut rubellite. The bracelet is made of polished and brushed stainless steel.

Fans of the South Korean star will have to hunt: the watch is a limited edition. The 33mm model is available in 700 pieces, while the 23mm is only 300. It’s likely the watch could already be sold out, as the star has managed to promote it to her 86 million-strong audience.