People around the world have been lighting candles in honor of Hanukkah for centuries, thanking God for His help, support and miracle. More than 250 guests came to the Four Seasons to share the celebration, which symbolizes spiritual fortitude and the victory of light over darkness.

The opening of  the evening started with the words of Rabbi Elie Abadi, Senior Rabbi of the Jewish Council of the Emirates in the United Arab Emirates : “Hanukkah is celebrated by Jews around the world as a holiday of joy and hope, as a time of celebration and gratitude. The candles lit in every window remind us that God will always protect us from darkness”. Elie Abadi lit the first candle at Hanukkah (the special holiday candlelight) solemnly. Abdul Majid Sadiki and Mr. Maxim Mikhailov joined in lighting Hanukkah candles too.

The Owner and CEO of Yoka Iizuka Jewellery House was pleased to see all the guests of the holiday Hanukkah and emphasized how important it is to be closer to each other, to give love and to unite in this difficult times. She wished happiness, kindness, love and peace to all the guests and thanked the team that helped to organize the event.

The representatives of the First Jewish Women Congress Laura Gavrilova and Judith Sorokin wished everyone love and blessings, congratulated the guests with the holiday of joy and hope and noted that it is the Jewish people tradition not to fight with darkness “with sticks”, but to light a candle for the sake of peace and love, as the great rabbis commanded and taught.

The representative of “Alexandra Gallery Dubai”  Alexandra Timorina presented to Mrd. Iizuka and Mrs.Sorokin two pictures of famous Israel artist Irina Markov-Shagal and emphasized how important for Mrs. Irina to honor the Hanukkah celebration that was held in UAE even from the distance.

The performance of ballet dancers who showed national dances to the well-known Jewish music completed wonderful and warm atmosphere of the evening attended by public figures prominent international businessmen, famous influencers and media.

The organizers of the event are very grateful to their partners “Dubai People” Magazine, Stork Education Center and personally to Ms. Alexandra Gilmanova, Oksana Babaeva”Just Babaeva Nguen”, “World Arabia” Publishing House, “Alexandra Gallery Dubai” and personally to Ms. Alexandra Timorina, UWILL WORLD International Women’s Community and personally to Ms. Yulia Titova, “The Chic” Magazine, “Prime” Magazine, Ms. Anna Grigoryeva Co-Owner of “Any-Key Marketing Management Dubai Cosmetic company” Alpera.