Angelina Jolie, who is involved in humanitarian aid to people around the world, has closed her charitable foundation supporting women affected by violence. She founded the organisation in 2015 with former British Foreign Secretary William Hague.

According to the Daily Mail, Jolie has invested around £1.7 million in the charity since its inception. The actress decided to close the organisation due to financial difficulties. At the moment she has only 53 thousand pounds on her account. In addition, the company owes creditors another £1,500.

Fans of the actress wondered why she didn’t invest personal money in the fund, as she had done before. The reason is most likely to have been Brad Pitt’s legal battle. The star has been suing her ex-husband for several years and spends fabulous sums on lawyers, so she does not have any extra.

Angelina Jolie has always been considered one of the most noble actresses in Hollywood. She tried to use her popularity for the benefit of the world. Back in the early 2000s, the star began to work with the UN. Together with volunteers, the actress traveled to third world countries, fought for the construction of hospitals and schools and donated large sums to help refugees.

It was during these travels that the Oscar-winner decided to adopt three children: Maddox from Cambodia, Zahara from Ethiopia and Pax from Vietnam, who recently made his debut as an artist. In December, Jolie stepped down as UN special envoy for refugees, a post she had held since 2012. The actress says she will continue to help those in need, but plans to “engage on a broader range of humanitarian and human rights issues”.