Life today is a challenge for women. Housework, working and even driving affect the condition of our nails. What to do if the state of our nails leaves much to be desired, and even the nail length doesn’t correspond to the level of the event, where we want to shine in all its glory? Masters of nail service at Elmax Salon & Spa will offer such procedure as nail extension.

Nail extension originated in China, the cradle of all kinds of discoveries. Here, for the first time was used the progenitor of the future nail imitators – tips of precious metals, peculiar nail cases.

A second powerful impetus for progress in this area came from the development of cinematography in the post-war years. Abundant close-ups forced actresses to pay close attention to how their hands looked in the frame. Often the actresses lacked natural nail length to create the image of luxurious, successful women, or their own nails did not look healthy and well-groomed, even after a standard manicure and nail polish application. Pieces of film, tea bags, cut-off natural nails were used as nail implants…

These experiments were terminated in 1951, when the Philadelphia dentist F. Slack cut his finger deeply and severely damaged the nail bed. He used foil as the base, and the filling material formed the likeness of a fingernail. Since the base of the filling material was acrylic, the new artificial nails were called “acrylics”.

However, nail extension technology has not stood still. In the 90s, acrylic has a very serious competitor – biogel. It is no secret that the use of acrylics is inadmissible for those who are allergic to acrylates, and its chemical component causes a sharp, unpleasant smell during the curing procedure. Biogel, on the other hand, is more than fifty per cent protein, which not only prevents allergic reactions, but also protects the nail from damaging effects. For weakened and weakened nails, biogel becomes a kind of frame, which strengthens and refreshes the nail plate.

Gel nail extension requires the same techniques as the acrylic nail extension. Two bases are used to shape the nails: tips and forms. Despite the common technology, it is worth noting a number of advantages that come with biogel. For instance, nails that have been gel applied don’t need to be varnished – they have a smooth texture and a natural sheen. Acrylic nails are usually matte, which requires the use of nail polish. One of the innovations of modern gel extensions is the use of colour biogel, which greatly reduces the procedure and allows to avoid applying varnish. Also in favour of biogel is the fact that its hardening requires the use of a UV lamp, which completely eliminates the problem of fungal disease and its development. Gel nails are almost naturally elastic, which makes them even more natural. The disadvantages of biogel are its relative fragility.

Masters of Elmax Salon & Spa will always help to solve the problem of choosing the method of nail extension and aesthetic nail design. Professionalism and in-depth knowledge of their business allow them to come as close as possible to the ideal variant for every client in the salon.