American TV diva Paris Hilton is to host a new reality show called Parisland. The 11:11 Media company founded by the star and the developers of the VR project The Sandbox are working on it. According to Deadline, the programme is billed as a dating show in a new format.

The project is advertised as “a romantic adventure set on a tropical island”. The show will begin on February 13, the eve of Valentine’s Day. The programme will run for a month. During this period each participant will meet five potential romantic partners.

Heroes will have to perform various tasks. For example, choose wedding rings, get a recipe for a burger from a local chef or rescue a shipwrecked man. At the end of the show, a winner will be chosen. The winning couple will be treated to a virtual wedding where they will be DJ’d by Hilton herself.

“I can’t think of a better way to brighten up the winter months than with a romantic trip to Paris Hilton’s tropical island in the Valentine’s Day metadiverse. “Parisland offers a radiant holiday on sunny beaches, carefree romance and genuine emotions as you find and conquer your romantic partner,” said The Sandbox co-founder S├ębastien Borge.

The Sandbox is a virtual world of gaming. Its creators describe it as “part virtual real estate, part amusement park”. Partners in the project include Warner Music Group, Ubisoft, Snoop Dogg, The Walking Dead, The Smurfs, Tony Hawk, Steve Aoki and many others.

Paris Hilton, unlike the show’s contestants, doesn’t need to build love. She and entrepreneur Carter Reum recently became parents for the first time. The boy, whose name has not yet been revealed, was born thanks to a surrogate mother. The couple confirmed their relationship in January 2021. And in February 2022, Reum proposed to Paris. Their wedding took place on 11 November.