The ceremony where Charles III and his wife Camilla are to be proclaimed King and Queen Consort according to all the traditions will take place on 6 May in Westminster Abbey. In the meantime, intensive preparations are underway for the big event, which is just under three months away. And Buckingham Palace has unveiled the results – an official coronation emblem filled with powerful personal symbolism.

The circular emblem, adorned with a floral design, is the work of legendary Apple product designer John Ive and his creative team at LoveFrom. And every element in this image is not accidental. As explained at the palace, the flowers adorning the emblem symbolize the king’s love for the natural world, uniting the flora of the four nations of Great Britain: rose – England, thistle – Scotland, daffodil – Wales and shamrock – Northern Ireland. The plants are folded into St Edward’s crown, which will be used at the coronation. As for the choice of colours, they are easy to decipher – the emblem was designed using the red, white and blue colours of the British flag.