Erykah Badu, 51, performs songs at a crossroads of hip-hop, soul, jazz and funk, and her individual style is as eclectic as her music. The singer graced the cover of the latest issue of Vogue and spoke to the publication about how her memorable image was formed. According to the singer, when she was young she had little understanding of the fashion industry and in selecting outfits she acted on her intuition.

“I didn’t know all the houses and names of the designers until I was 30-40 years old, – Erykah confessed. – What I did have was a good understanding of form – when I was a child I practised on paper dolls. For me, creating a successful image means seeing everything come together, like making a cake from start to finish.”

Erykah also commented on her influence on the style of several generations of musicians at once.

“I feel like I’ve made a hole in a dam. But a small one, through which all this water is seeping in. Now all the people who have that energy are able to experience what I’m experiencing. It’s a rebirth process and I feel like a midwife,” the star explained.

It’s worth noting that some fashion experts condemn Erykah’s style for being too layered and garish, but the singer has little concern for their opinion.