One of the top experts of the main business event “Another Level” was Irina Bova – Master of Psychology, coach, mentor, hypnologist, PhD in Economics, an expert in leadership, team management and critical thinking. Irina covered the topic “Speaking in the language of money” for an audience of ten thousand in online and offline formats, telling how to monetize your knowledge, reach a new scale and feel confident on stage.

 Irina held a small training session for all the participants at the beginning of her speech: she invited them to pair up. For those who performs systematically, discuss in pairs what next interesting speech they would like to make and on what topic, and for those who do not appear publicly, but attend events, tell what topic they could speak on if they were invited tomorrow for a performance.

The expert fully revealed the meaning of the concept of “speakership”, saying that this is the fastest way to monetize yourself, your knowledge, expertise and business through public speaking on stage and manifestation. The speaker market is empty at the moment; it needs people who are ready to take the stage. As a rule, the same speakers perform at various forums, conferences and webinars.

One of the main insights of Irina’s speech is “Money is paid to those who are trusted!” You inform the viewer of your values, knowledge, expertise and the fact that you are ready to take responsibility, every time you go on stage, through your state of calmness, self-confidence, the ability to cope with your emotions. Thanks to this people will be ready to entrust you with their money.

A distinctive feature of every successful speaker, of course, is his openness, self-confidence and charisma. Charisma is a product of your inner maturity, your foundation and state, what you express. It is important to understand that you have your own foundation within you, when you, as a speaker, are in new circumstances.

Irina motivated all participants to create and become organizers of not only business breakfasts and chamber events, but also large-scale, bright and interesting events, to go on stage, to manifest themselves through their own context, to create the scale of their own personality.

Speakership is a different scale, surroundings and manifestation. This is your declaration to the world that you are!

Irina shared her experience and invaluable knowledge with all the participants, who, in turn, noted her performance as one of the most informative, bright and dynamic.