Legendary Spanish-French designer Paco Rabanne died on 3 February at the age of 88. In his own words: ‘We get a lot of pleasure out here. Basically, we design clothes, try them on models and laugh all day long. It’s amazingly fun.” Paying tribute to his vision and legacy, creative director Julien Dossena honoured the eponymous founder in a fall/winter collection that celebrates his artistic expression and contribution to fashion.

Although the collection was largely completed by the time of Rabanne’s passing, the late visionary’s essence is clearly evident in all the models. The collection is a riot of textures: faux fur hemlines made of wool, tinsel-like coords sprinkled with lurex and metallic fringe. There are even pieces reminiscent of mythical goddesses, thanks to Athenian silhouettes and armour-style coverings, combined with trainers to take them back to 2023. Dossena also paid tribute to Rabanne’s friendship with Salvador Dali by collaborating with the Dali Foundation; four paintings were painted on the dresses and the artist’s influence can also be seen in the accessories and jewellery.

Closing the show were five archival gowns, all adorned with signature chain metal discs and representing five decades of Paco Rabanne’s work.

Watch the show below.

Source: MOJEH