The long-awaited premiere of a new hit from the young talented artist Istomin took place on March 15. Motivational text and trendy rhythmic sound will definitely not leave any listener indifferent. The track helps everyone to believe in themselves, not to doubt and move forward, opening up new levels, horizons and scales.

 Istomin’s debut song “You are not alone” was released at the end of last year, everyone could come to support the artist in the show restaurant “Patriki”, as well as enjoy a live performance and feel the depth of the author’s text. The sound producer of the hit was popular Vlad Sokolovsky, who not only came to support the artist, but also pleased all the guests with his DJ set. Istomin never ceases to amaze its listeners with new sound. The track has already been released on all the most popular music platforms; you can listen to it HERE