Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’ daughter Suri will turn 17 in April. The girl is already thinking seriously about continuing her studies and has applied to several universities at once. The star’s father, whom Suri hasn’t seen in 10 years, is dealing with the financial side of things.

According to the Daily Mail, the girl is leaning towards studying fashion at Fordham University in New York. Katie Holmes is happy with her daughter’s choice, as she wants Suri to continue living in the city where she grew up all her life, and thus be around her mother for as long as possible. Tom Cruise, for his part, does not influence Suri’s decision.

According to the divorce agreement concluded between the spouses in 2012, the actor is obliged to cover all of his daughter’s educational and medical expenses, as well as pay his ex-wife $400,000 a month until the 18th birthday of their mutual child.

Cruz has not been in contact with his daughter because of his religious beliefs for 10 years. Katie Holmes has refused to initiate her daughter into Scientology, a religion to which Tom is incredibly devoted. Because Suri is not a supporter of the church, he is forbidden to see her. Tom himself has followed his religious beliefs and put them above family values.

Recall that Suri is the only daughter of Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise. Holmes and Cruise were married from 2006 to 2012. Holmes will return to the profession this year after a 10-year hiatus. She will play the lead role in the Broadway musical.