Hollywood actors Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively became parents for the fourth time just over a month ago. But the circumstance did not appear to interfere in any way with their routine life.

This Saturday, the Racers Ground hosted an England National League match against the York City players, Wrexham, of which Reynolds is co-owner. The actor came with his family – wife Blake Lively and four children: 8-year-old James, 6-year-old Betty, 3-year-old Inessa and a newborn baby, who is not yet two months old. The star parents didn’t hide the tiny one from view and were happy to pose for the photographers on the field in their entirety before the game. In doing so, Ryan took on the role of a caring father – the baby, dressed in a fluffy yellow jumpsuit and a gray hat with a pompom, he touchingly held him.

Afterwards, the family moved to the stands where Ryan and Blake continued to watch the game, but without the kids. Judging by the reporters’ pictures, the couple’s little baby was tired and crying by then. Nevertheless, the support of the star family, albeit in a diminished line-up, played its part as Wrexham won 3-0.