Stress in the modern world touches each of us without exception. Since a person in worldly turmoil is not able to withstand the tension that is expressed in special situations of life, caused by a multitude of inherent causes.

Elmax Salon & Spa reveals one of the secrets of dealing with stress: peace of mind and confidence are guaranteed to those who often take care of their body. Care for your body causes a feeling of joy and satisfaction and increases the hormone of joy and happiness.

Moroccan bath is an oriental approach to health for the body and mind.

Moroccan baths are the oldest and most effective cosmetic procedure, capable of transforming anyone by making them glow with beauty. Moroccan baths promote deep cleansing and rejuvenation of the skin throughout the body by applying steam and natural gels prepared according to ancient Arab recipes. Moroccan baths have been popular among oriental people for millennia, renowned for their radiant beauty. This is why the Moroccan baths still impress many with the youthful effect they impart to the body. Once visited the Moroccan baths, everyone will be delighted with the procedure and wish to repeat it regularly.

The treatment includes not only lying in the steam room but also various beauty treatments: spa peeling, foam massage and many other pleasures.

The ritual begins in the steam room: a special herbal mask is applied one after the other to the steamed body, and a fine Moroccan olive oil soap is applied in turn. The steam in the room envelops the whole body, opening up the oils’ beneficial substances to the skin, thus enhancing their effectiveness.

It is said that it is the effect of olives and steam that opens up the pores of the skin and removes toxins from the body. As a result one feels rejuvenated and even loses weight. Such a bath is usually followed by a peeling massage with special scrubs. This is followed by peeling massage with a sponge made of natural materials, which removes coarsened and dead skin particles, making the skin smooth and beautiful. Plus, a hair and face mask is also applied, with base and essential oils as the main ingredient. After such treatments, hair becomes shinier and brushes out better.

This indulgence is enjoyed regardless of age or contraindication, as all visitors receive a treatment that improves their complexion, opens pores for beneficial substances to enter and improves skin tone.

Visiting a Moroccan bath not only invigorates the organism and strengthens the immune system. It also has a rejuvenating and deep cleansing effect on the body. The use of natural cosmetics and relaxing massage combined with relaxation in the steam room helps relieve muscle and joint pains and cramps.

Among the key benefits of the Moroccan bath are:

-beneficial effects on the respiratory and nervous system;

-Prevention of insomnia;

-stimulation of excretion of toxins;

-Elimination of chronic fatigue syndrome.

It also helps to maintain a good shape and stabilise your weight. It is useful for those who suffer from joint diseases and frequent colds. The gentle heat soothes inflammations.

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