Katie Holmes gave an interview to The Wall Street Journal. Speaking to reporters, she revealed that she tries to combine her ambitions as a director with the life of an ordinary person. Holmes stated that she is not chasing fame. The 44-year-old actress now lives in New York with her 16-year-old daughter Suri, who is studying fashion at Fordham University.

Katie plays on Broadway and is working on personal projects as a director, writer and actress. Her film Rare Objects is set to premiere in the near future. The film will be about two women who develop a friendship in a mental institution. In addition to her role in the film, she directed it and co-wrote the script. The movie was filmed in New York.

“Working close to home was wonderful, not just because of the convenience. It felt like everyone was part of the project. And I love New York, so the film was something of a love letter to the city. Being able to connect with people who are doing something completely different from you, who have a completely different background, that’s the beauty of this city. It’s an encouraging idea of interconnectedness that we should all strive for, whether we live here or not,” Holmes noted.

Katie also revealed that she usually gets up at 8am. The actress starts her day by writing three or four pages of text. It can be a script or just her thoughts. Holmes loves to read and is often in bookshops.

“I’m about to start reading Haruki Murakami’s The Novelist as a Profession. I’ve just finished Between Two Worlds by Zainab Salbi. I’m currently reading Little Things Like These by Claire Keegan. I go to bookshops a lot. And I love beautiful writing. If I see a beautiful sentence in a book, I write it down. Maybe later I’ll think about that sentence outside the context of the book and maybe apply it to a character or a feeling of how I want to shoot something. It becomes a source of inspiration.”

Katie Holmes will turn 45 this year. The star has a philosophical attitude to age.

“I’ve often been told, “Oh, all the wisdom will come to you when you’re in your 40s.” And that didn’t happen. Nevertheless, I think there’s some truth in that: I feel a little more comfortable in making some decisions and in life in general. And life is a process. You’re always learning. I think just accepting it is the best sign of wisdom in itself,” the actress stated.