Emily Ratajkowski was caught by the paparazzi in Chinchona, Spain in a brand new look. Emily changed her long dark curls for a short platinum bob and instead of revealing outfits you can find an unexpectedly modest outfit – a buttoned up white shirt, beige jumper, below-knee skirt and a pair of weighty grocery bags. And the images had already made their way around the web.

You’d have thought Emily was cheating on herself. But no, it turned out to be just a look that the actress was offered by her stylists. And the images caught by paparazzi are an episode of the photo shoot, in which Ratajkowski participated. By the way, the star of catwalks herself in such a form felt not very comfortable. Between shoots Emily again and again took off a blonde wig, and for a coffee break she wore a bathrobe, casually thrown over her bare body.

Lately, there has been a lot of attention on Ratajkowski. Since her split from her husband, Emily has often been spotted on dates with different men. According to the celebrity, these meetings help her to look at herself differently. She observes men’s reactions, and examining her emotions about those reactions helps her reveal her “super femininity”. Ratajkowski noted that her dates are not to be taken seriously.